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Past Exhibits

Dates listed are the opening receptions.


AFRICA NIGHT, our first art exhibit at New City, featured art by local and national African artists, including Jean Luc Dushime and Ezra Wube, as well as the screening of a documentary by St. Michael’s College prof. Anjanette Decarlo. This show was featured by Seven Days. March 5th

VESSELS AND SEMBLANCES featured ceramic work by Bech Evans and Eric Rehman, two local potters whose time in the studio together forged a friendship. Their work was exhibited asa conversation between two artists with very different styles yet with deep bonds between them. May 4th

BILL COOLEY, BEN STAMPER AND JOSH STAMPER featured three artists in three mediums–Bill Cooley’s photographs of snow, Ben Stamper’s abstract video pieces and Josh Stamper’s live performance of songs from his new album Interstitials, featuring a wind and horn ensemble. May 11th

EMILY HENRY featured local artist Emily Henry’s art nouveau jewelry. October 5th

JENNA ENDRESEN: CIRCLING BACK featured pen and ink work by a local Vermont artist. December 7th


AMANDA SCHIRMER and MELISSA THEBARGE featured acrylic paintings by the South Hero based artist and photography by the Burlington based artist, respectively. February 28th

ECOLOGIES was a group show centered around the work of St. Michael’s art professor BrianCollier. This show was featured by Seven Days. April 5th

THIS WAS ME: SELF-TAUGHT ART FROM THE G.R.A.C.E. Gallery (in Hardwick, VT). Featured guest curator Bill Ellis, professor at St. Michael’s College. Larry Bissonnette, subject of the acclaimed documentary Wretches and Jabberers, spoke at the opening of the exhibit through his typepad (Larry has extreme autism). Larry is a working artist in Burlington, with a studio in the South End. G.R.A.C.E. Gallery has been working for over 30 years with the elderly as well as mentally and psychologically impaired community in the Northeast Kingdom. August 2nd

PAUL HUMPHRIES: SLEEPING BEAUTIES was an art show featuring work by the late Burlington based self-taught artist Paul Humphries, whose work has been exhibited at the National Folk Art Museum in NYC. October 4th

JACKSON TUPPER: OH UM AH was the gallery debut of Burlington based artist Jackson Tupper. This show received a three page Weekend spread on the front page of the arts section of the Burlington Free Press. December 6th


INSIDE OUT: TERRY EKASALA was a solo show of Vermont based artist Terry Ekasala’s large scale acrylic paintings. February 7th

LIKENESS: PORTRAITS OF VERMONTERS was a group show featuring portraits in mixed mediums, including sculpture, photography, oil paint, pen and ink, and video installation by eleven different Vermont based artists. April 4th

ALEXEIEFF: MOVING PICTURES was a three month summer exhibit featuring original lithographs from a rare 1920’s illustrated version of The Brothers Karamazov by the Russian born Parisian artist Alexander Alexeieff, as well as a looped screening of three of Alexeieff’s short animated films created with his own invention, the Alexeieff-Parker pinscreen. Jaques Drouin, acclaimed animator from the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal, spoke at the opening and screened one of his own films created using Alexeieff’s original pinscreen, which is housed at the NFB. This exhibit was from the private collection of Cecile Starr, former professor of film at Columbia University and current Burlington resident. Featured guest curator Susan Smereka. June 6th

JAD FAIR AND DANIELSON: SOLID GOLD HEART featured art by two music legends, Jad Fair (of the band Half Japanese, subject of the documentary Half Japanese: The Band that Would Be King) and Daniel Smith (of the band Danielson Famile, subject of the documentary Danielson: A Family Movie, Or Make a Joyful Noise Here). Both documentaries were screened on a loop throughout the exhibit. Sept. 5th

QUINCY OWENS: PUT DRINKS ON ME featured thousands of pop art coasters by the Indianapolis based artist. November 7th


1×3 featured new monoprints by Burlington based artists Susan Smereka, Jennifer Koch and Elise Whittemore. February 6th

CARA LAI FITZGIBBON: HOME featured work by Burlington based artist and illustrator Cara Lai Fitzgibbon. April 3rd

GRAPHIC LIVES featured comics, graphic memoir and sculptural work by Glynnis Fawkes, Jennifer Hayden, Summer Pierre, and Alex Costantino. June 5th

NEVER HAD NO ONE EVER: THE ART OF COLLAGE featured collage by artists from Vermont, Quebec, and New Brunswick (Carl David Ruttan, Molly Bosley, W. David Powell, Shavon Kenney, Athena Petra Tasiopoulos and Paula Grenon) August 7th


Opening in November: BOOKBODY: a juried exhibition of art and books relating to book forms and the human body. Artists and authors are exploring the intimate relationship between the human body and the physical book. How do the tactile characteristics of the book impact how our bodies read? How does the body make books? What occurs between this give and take? What is the nature of this symbiosis? THE JURY: Ben Aleshire, Glynnis Fawkes and Susan Smereka. Details on submissions here: